About Israel Street View

Israel Street View is an initiative to help bridge the gap between Israel and individuals around the world who would like to visit the country but cannot. We hope that the curated sites and views of Israel will deepen your desire to come see Israel for yourself when the time is right!  

We would  like to thank Google and the innumerable contributors to Google Street View who have made Street View such an intriguing way to see the world from the comfort of home. 

The following individuals helped create Israel Street View. They are all associated with IACT -- the Jewish Federation of Boston's Birthright Israel initiative. These dedicated individuals spend their working days recruiting college students at 30 different campuses around the United States to travel on Birthright Israel. This summer, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, they, and the students they were to accompany, may not get the opportunity to visit Israel. 


This site is our way of saying, This Year, Street View; Next Year in Israel!

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