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Explore Israel Street Views

​Israel is a land of remarkable diversity, both demographic and geographic. ​

Home to 9.1 million, Israel's citizenry is made up of Jews (75%), Muslim and Christian Arabs (21%) and smaller minorities of Druze, Arameans, Armenians, Circassians, and Samaritans.  The Jewish community, many of whom returned to the ancient Jewish homeland over the past 75 years, hail from nearly every country around the world. These immigrants, or olim, brought along their language, culture and cuisine, all of which are now infused into Israeli culture. 

Geographically speaking, Israel is about the size of New Jersey. Nevertheless, it manages to pack rolling green hills, high mountains, Mediterranean shores, lakes, natural springs, deserts, the lowest point on Earth at the Dead Sea and the Red Sea's bio-diversity into its borders.  

Israel Street View is our invitation to you to "see Israel for yourself." To get you started, we have curated the very best street views and "Photo Spheres" available on Google's Street View, organized by geographic region. To get the most out of your experience, take a moment to review how to use Street View. Finally, while your phone is great, viewing the site on a laptop can provide a more immersive experience.

Ready to start? Choose a section below, select a photo in the galleries and start exploring Israel Street View!


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A City Like No Other

Israel's ancient and new capital city is holy to the three great religions. It's filled with color and life.


A Non-Stop Cultural Hub 

The quintessential Israeli city created in 1909 on the Mediterranean seashore. 


History, Beaches & Beauty

Haifa, Israel's main port city, sits across the bay from ancient Akko. The two cities are surrounded by lush, natural beauty.  


Deserts, Dunes & Seas 

Desert oases? The lowest point on Earth? Israel has them. See the Dead Sea, Red Sea & other wonders..

Sea of Galilee.JPG

Hills, a Fresh Water Sea, and a Volcanic Plateau

The green rolling hills of the Galilee drop into a basin nearly 700 feet below sea level. This basin, the Sea of Galilee, is bordered on the East by a high volcanic plateau known as the Golan Heights, an area that includes Mt. Hermon, where Israelis snow ski in the winter. 

The Israel Israelis Know

Not every tourist  (or even every Israeli) has visited these sites. If you are feeling adventurous, take a look! 

Off Beaten Track.JPG
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